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Terms Of Use Statement

EMT Portal / Elwoh Software requires that all members agree to the Terms of Use statement found on this page, and continue to agree and abide by them through their continued visitation of any of our systems.

Testing Material
Questions and answers are based on actual information from various Emergency Medical Technician course materials.  None of the viewable questions are a direct copy of those seen on the NREMT test, or publisher issued tests, however they are based on the information found from both testing material/types.

Although there may be more than one answer to a question you view on EMT Portal, the overall defined correct answer on this testing system is determined by knowledge obtained from various EMT course materials.  Please confirm questions and answers found on this system with your course instructor if you are in doubt of their accuracy.

EMT Portal / Elwoh Software is NOT responsible for incorrect knowledge obtained via accusations formed from the testing material.  The user shall hold all responsibly for knowledge obtained, and confirm the accuracy of questionable answers with their course instructor.


While viewing the testing system contained on EMTPortal, you must have an understanding, in knowing that even though some questions MAY closely match those seen on the National Registry, State Tests, or Course Tests -- they are NOT direct copies of the questions, or answers and are in now way to be directly affiliated with NREMT, or any EMT Course publisher.


Elwoh Software / EMTPortal is not responsible for misinterpretations of questions, nor responsible for linking relationships between questions seen on NREMT or course testing materials with those seen in our testing system.


Online EMT Community

While inside of the EMT Online Community conversing; always remember to be respectful to others and refrain from using foul language of any sort.


If you are reported to an administrator on the offense of foul language use, your account may be subject to being banned from the website.


Also note that any conversation taking place within the online EMT community is not to be related to, or under the responsibility of Elwoh Software.  This being a public community, we cannot guarantee that answers you receive or information you read while inside of the community are correct or follow NREMT guidelines.


EMT Portal nor Elwoh Software will be help responsible for anything displayed, verbalized, assumed, or taken from within the online community.


By entering the community you agree to comply with the information and regulations stated above, and agree not to hold Elwoh Software responsible for any actions or content within the online community.


Please note also, that content entered into the account form is in direct relation to you as an individual, and your account.  EMTPortal / Elwoh Software is NOT responsible for information contained within your account, if it is mis-read, mis-entered, or otherwise misinterpreted.

Information / Knowledge Collection
All knowledge and information that is viewable on EMT Portal was written specific, with knowledge that was obtained directly from Brady/Prentice Hall Health's publication of the "10th Edition Emergency Care" text book, which is compliant with the 2005 AHA Guidelines, and reflects the current EMS practices based on the 1994 U.S. Department of Transportation EMT-Basic National Standard Curriculum.

Although the knowledge to produce the content of EMT Portal was obtained from these resources, it is NOT a direct copy of materials found within the cited published materials.


Questions, Notes, and other content may resemble closely content that is within the published materials, however it is again, by no means a direct copy of materials to be found within the cited published materials.


Acknowledgement of Terms of Use

By creating an account on EMTPortal, using your account, and otherwise engaging in reading information from EMTPortal, you are bound to the terms of use, and privacy statement of Elwoh Software, and EMTPortal.


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