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National Registry Information

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians supplies a nation-wide standard testing object to all EMT's (whether they be of basic, intermediate, or paramedic level).


Information about NREMT Testing

The NREMT examinations are developed so that they measure the important aspects of pre-hospital care practice.  Items are developed in relation to tasks identified in the practice analysis. The domain of practice that limits therapy addressed in an item is based upon national standard curricula developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. EMT education programs are encouraged to review the NREMT Practice Analysis when teaching courses and as a part of the final review of the abilities of students to deliver the tasks necessary for competent patient practice.



The high achiever who is able to answer most of the questions correctly will find that the computer ends the exam early. Many candidates worry that something is wrong because the exam was so short. In reality, the computer was able to determine that the candidate jumped far higher than the standard level�or was well above the level of competency In a CAT exam. The computer stops the exam when it is 95% confident that the individual candidate has reached the level of competency.

Items above located at NREMT; http://nremt.org/about/about_exams.asp


NREMT Computer Based Testing (CBT)

More information on the National Registry of EMT's new Computer Based Testing (CBT) program may be obtained from the official National Registry website via the direct links supplied below;


About the National Registry



Purpose of the NREMT



History of the National Registry


About the NREMT Examinations



NREMT Computer Based Testing



Frequently Asked Questions; CBT



More information is obtainable directly from the National Registry (NREMT) website, which can be found at http://www.nremt.org/



Studying for the National Registry Test

To effectively study for the National Registry EMT test, and other in-course tests you may use the online test preparation items found on the Elwoh Knowledge Center, EMT Portal.


This includes the multiple varying difficulty questions compiled into a preparation and sample test, multiple easily readable course notes, all NREMT based practical skills studying materials, and simulation tests, and of course the online EMT Community.


Although the EMT Portal studying materials are very robust, filled full of useful information, it's recommended that you not rely solely and entirely on the EMT Portal studying material to expect a successful/passing grade in your class or on the national registry; instead you should combine the material found on the EMT Studying Portal with the material obtained from your EMT course (textbook, handouts, instructor material, peers).


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