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Welcome to the Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Level Study Portal, provided by Elwoh Software.

This EMT Training System is designed to serve as an online study portal and resource center for students who are currently enrolled, planning enrollment in an EMT-Basic course, and all EMT-B National Registry Candidates.  Currently, there are 2363 individuals who have an account on EMT Portal. 

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Study Tests

Study Notes

Skills Testing


The study portal contains a wide array of EMT-Basic test questions based on;









Upon completion of a test, you will receive your overall score and a test review; the score will be added and actively available for review in your portal user account.


Additional tests taken will result in a trending report showing progress within the categories above.

From the "Study Notes" section of the portal you will have access to multiple notes to aid in your study.

EMT Study Notes towards NREMT

All notes are presented in an easily viewable interface of the website, and also accompanied by a set of questions to ensure you receive, and retain the fullest from each section.

The skills testing feature of this study portal will present the standard national registry skills testing sheets in an easily readable interface, such as the study notes section.

Once reviewing the skills, you will be presented with a comprehensive test of each skill.

Although we cannot physically test your ability to perform a skill online, we can test your knowledge of a skill and the procedures involved while scoring accordingly to prepare you for skills testing day.

As an extra advantage of having an account on the online study portal, you will gain access to our study community which will allow you to interact with other students and members of the EMT-B study portal.

Have a question about a test or a skill?  This is the section to retrieve your answer?

No automated feedback, scores, or trending is provided from the community, however it proves to be an effective resource to successful medical studying.





EMT Course Completion

Have you recently completed, and graduated from your EMT class? If so you can proudly show that you have graduated and are now an EMT on the website.


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Test Attempts
Angela Butler
91 tests taken
1) Angela Butler (91 tests)
2) Joseph Royal (89 tests)
3) Krista Espinoza (86 tests)
4) Michael Mulligan (64 tests)
5) Jennean Block (59 tests)
Most Passed Tests
Angela Butler
90 tests passed
1) Angela Butler (90 passes)
2) Joseph Royal (86 passes)
3) Krista Espinoza (83 passes)
4) Michael Mulligan (64 passes)
5) Jennean Block (56 passes)
Newest Joined EMT
Pvwmkhdp Pvwmkhdp
6/17/2013 10:31:32 AM
1) Pvwmkhdp Pvwmkhdp
2) John Almon Iii
3) Jennifer Estabrook
4) Samantha Mccafferty
5) Cole Durham-de Leon
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